Take better photos in front of the Christmas Tree!

Posted on December 16, 2017 by DesignWorks Photography under Portraits

Let’s be honest – we love this time of year. Everything is sparkly, eating copious amounts of baked items is encouraged, and family and friends make a special effort to be together no matter how busy we are are! Also, there are very few days when it’s acceptable to drink Bailey’s at 2pm! (so I’m told!)


We ALL love taking taking group shots of the gang together at Christmas – here are a few tips to make that easier:


  1. For a big group – Set your camera to landscape (to make sure all the people and the tree are in focus). Give yourself plenty of light too! If it’s not bright enough in the room, turn on the main light or use flash. For smaller groups try portrait mode, again plenty of light is key! Move nearer the the window if necessary.
  2. All adults need to push their chins forward and down for a flattering portrait! Think of it like this: push your forehead towards the camera – it takes years off you in a photo!
  3. Turn slightly sideways onto the camera -don’t face the camera square on. Turn 45 degrees and you’ll look slimmer!
  4. Try to laugh and not smile in a photo! It looks much more natural! Say a silly word – it will look great! (smelly socks, silly sausages or pizza all work well!)

Get ready to enjoy better selfies!  P.S.  Now, you know as well as I do that group selfies are tons of fun, but for some uses they aren’t quiiiite the same as a photo someone else took.  If you’d like at least one family photo that doesn’t include anyone’s arms sticking out of the side of the frame, and you want someone to take it who knows how to make everyone look fabulous, here’s an easy way to get one: we have a great offer this Christmas for a one hour family session plus a 20″ wall portrait (as a fine art canvas or an artblock) for just €250 (save €130!) Get in touch on 018021100 or email bronagh@designworksphoto.com to grab one!




Fairy Portraits Cork | The Enchanted Forest is on the move!

Posted on August 22, 2017 by DesignWorks Photography under fairies, Fairy, Portraits

Fairy portrait Ireland


We know how much you all love our Enchanted Forest portraits – fine art fairy and elf portraits that we create in our Dublin studio – and we have so many requests to come to different parts of the country that once a year we choose a different location to bring this unique experience! We’re delighted to announce that this year we are bringing The Enchanted Forest to Cork for one weekend only, October 20th-22nd.

The Enchanted Forest is a special event where little boys and girls (newborn to adult!) are transformed into fairies and elves while we create stunning fine art portraits in a lifesized forest set. It is a magical experience for your kids and you leave with stunning works of art for your to enjoy forever. We supply all the costumes and each session can accommodate up to three kids. For children under 3 years of age we allocate a little longer as babies and toddlers take longer to get great images!


fairy portraits ireland

fairy portraits ireland

fairy portraits ireland

It costs just €50 to secure your appointment and this is taken off whichever package you select once you’ve seen your portraits. We have four packages to choose from and each one includes a 20-30 minute fairy experience and photo shoot :


18″x12″ printed portrait plus two 12″x8″ printed portraits – €240



24″ Art Block with Swarovski Crystals plus three 7″x5″ printed portraits – €375



Printable USB of all images from your child’s session plus an 18″ printed portrait – €450



Stunning Multi-image Art Block with Swarovski Crystals (28″x11″), printable USB of all images from your child’s session, three 12″ printed portraits and a set of two photo keyrings, each with two photos – €750


We also have gorgeous add on products such as a personalised storybook, small gift prints, Christmas cards and tree ornaments, keyrings etc. Once you choose your package you can spread your payments out over a few weeks or months if you prefer – especially helpful for the higher priced packages!

Call us on 018021100 or email us on bronagh@designworksphoto.com to ask any questions or to snap up one of these slots before it’s fully booked. The Enchanted Forest will not be traveling to Cork again (we’ll go somewhere else next year) so this is your chance to turn your little ones into beautiful fairies and elves! 

Colette & Martin’s Colourful Ballymagarvey Wedding | Classic Summer wedding

Posted on July 27, 2017 by DesignWorks Photography under Bridal, Weddings

Colourful Summer Ballymagarvey wedding


Colette & Martin’s gorgeous Ballymagarvey wedding was a true family affair – not least because we know half of the people at it! Both the groom’s and the bride’s sisters were schoolmates of Brónagh’s and the whole family made us feel so welcome it was like photographing old friends instead of going to work! Read More

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