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Fairy Portraits Ireland – FAQ

In honour of ‘Fairy Day’ AKA our first day of our July Enchanted Forest event, here are the answers to some very popular questions we get asked every day about The Enchanted Forest!


Fairy portrait Ireland


Where is it?

The Enchanted Forest takes place in our family portrait studio in Skerries, North County Dublin.


Do I have to pay upfront?

NO! It just costs €50 to book your slot, which comes off whichever package you choose. You don’t need to choose your package or pay another penny until you see your portraits about 2 weeks after your photoshoot.


Can I pay over time?

Yes, absolutely! Once you’ve chosen your package we can spread out your payments over several months if necessary at no extra cost. We’ve had clients pay as little as €20 per week. You can pay by standing order, online via IBAN or you can leave credit/debit card details with us. Products will be ordered once they are 50% paid for and may be collected once paid for.


I can’t do this month; can I book in for next month?

I’m afraid not. The Enchanted Forest is a special event that we only run for approximately one week at a time, at most twice a year. It is sadly not available all year ‘round. (How much fun would that be!?) We announce dates about 3-4 months in advance and it is first come first served. We do keep a waiting list of clients who would like a slot in the next event and we will inform this list of upcoming dates one week before the public. We then advertise any remaining dates which tend to book quickly.

It’s worth nothing that we only arrange one Enchanted Forest event at a time, and NEVER completely guarantee that there will be another event after. It’s like trying to see your favourite band in concert; we HOPE that there’ll be extra dates but we don’t know until closer to the time! As time goes on and we introduce new and exciting limited edition portraits (such as our Wizarding Workshop coming up this September) we will be running this one less frequently. We may decide to retire The Enchanted Forest at any time to move onto something new so please do not depend on it being around forever.


Is it just for girls?

Definitely not! We have photographed many boys who have great fun becoming little elves and playing with a sword! Our elf costumes are dark green and brown tones and not girly or babyish at all – more Lord of the Rings than Christmas elf!


Elf portraits Ireland


How long does the experience last?

The shoot itself is generally about 30 minutes long and we ask that you come 15 minutes early to choose costumes etc .(which can take as long as the shoot sometimes! There are SO many and it’s great fun choosing!).  Expect to be here about 60 minutes in total. We leave a little longer for babies and toddlers up to 3 years as they can take longer to get great images!


Is my child too young/too old?

We’ve photographed babies as young as 4 days old as well as teenagers and adults – The Enchanted Forest is for everyone! Children ages 3-9 tend to enjoy it the most but we can definitely accommodate every age.


Does it cost extra to include a second child?

Not a penny! Your children can share a session at no extra cost. We will photograph them individually and together. The set is designed to hold 3 children but we can manage 4. It is a small set so more than this is not really possible.



Do I have to bring anything?

No! We have everything right here! We provide all costumes and accessories, you just need to come along and have a great time.


How long does it take for the photos to be ready?

Your images will be ready for your viewing appointment normally 10-14 days after your shoot. How long you have to wait for products depends on what you choose: Our stunning artblocks with Swarovski crystals and personalised storybooks take approx. 4 weeks, printed portraits take 2-3 weeks and the USB of digital files can be ready 1 week from ordering, however files can be transferred as soon as payment is received.


Can I just buy one image?

Unfortunately not. This is not an a la carte service I’m afraid. There are four packages available which all include the once in a lifetime magical experience and photo shoot along with some portraits. We’ve created our packages to include both the photosession and cover the cost of the set and all of the costumes etc, which cost several thousand Euros in total (trust, me you do not want to know how much it cost!) so it is not possible to just buy one image. Honestly, if we figured it out, it would probably cost the same as the first package! Packages are way better value! Also the packages include stunning fine art products that are not available with anyone else. This is not everyday portraiture, this is something special .


We have just a handful of slots left this July, call us on 018021100 or email us to find out more!


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