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DesignWorks Photography is delighted to be an official drop off point for The Christmas Shoebox Appeal for Team Hope. Over the last 18 years Team Hope has delivered over 3 million boxes to children in the poorest countries in Africa and Eastern Europe, giving a little bit of joy and hope into their difficult lives.

At the studio we are lucky to spend our days with children who are safe, fed, warm, happy (for the most part!) and who generally have the things they need in life whether it’s something as simple as a hairbrush or the latest toy for Christmas. It’s so easy to forget that not all children are this lucky but we want to do a small part so that together we can all help them.

This is a cause that is particularly close to Denise’s heart as she has been involved in helping children through her charity work for many years. In the late 90’s Denise was a involved with a charity that helped to provide for some of the poorest orphanages in Vietnam, sending a full container of essential supplies. Denise explains her reasons for wanting to be involved with the Christmas Shoebox Appeal:

Many years ago I was involved with a charity providing aid to Vietnamese orphans. In April 1997, while on a trip to Vietnam, I visited a number of orphanages throughout the country.  On one of these visits we spent a day at an orphanage for blind children.  Despite the language barrier and their disability, these children were so friendly, entertaining us with singing and music.  They had so little yet they were so appreciative of the small gifts and sweets we had brought with us.  During the afternoon, we entered a boys’ dormitory and found a group of boys who had just been given their shoeboxes.  The boxes were all wrapped in Christmas paper and had just arrived due to delays.  As the boys started opening the boxes, the excitement was wonderful.  They were feeling the contents and figuring out what they had received.  I remember one boy who had received a ‘slinky’ in his box being so excited and playing with it on the floor.  The joy and laughter in that room that day was so moving that I still cry when I think of it.

I later spoke with one of the volunteers from a Canadian charity who was working in the orphanage and he explained that the family unit is very important in Vietnam and family members are very affectionate with each other.  While these children were missing out on that wonderful way of life, they know that there are people – on the other side of the world – who are thinking of them and care about them.  That’s the huge importance of a shoebox.   So every year when I’m putting together a shoebox, I try to imagine the joy it will bring to a child somewhere in the world when it’s opened.



Working through their long established group of international partnerships, Team Hope ensures your shoebox gifts will be given into the hands of a needy child, irrespective of his or her race, religion, ethnicity, or background – who all equally deserve a shoebox gift.
The only criteria for receiving a shoebox is the need of the child.

This year they are planning that Team Hope shoeboxes from Ireland will go to street children, orphans, children in hospital, poor families, victims of war or other needy situations.


If you want to take part then there are 5 simple steps to follow

  1. Grab a an average sized Shoe box
    Or a plastic container would be great! Wrap the box and lid separately with Christmas paper
  2. Print a label below and choose who you want to give your Christmas Shoebox to and what age. Cut out your label, tick the relevant age box and stick to the top right corner of your box lid.
  3. Fill the box
    Get as creative as you like and have some fun with this ! – You can use our 4 W’s as a rough guide
  4. Close the box
    • Include €4 in your leaflet envelope (available at the studio) either on top of the gifts or taped to the inside of the lid. This helps pay for delivery of your shoebox.
    • To make it easier you can
      donate your €4 on our secure on-line site.
    • Close with an elastic band – please don’t seal with tape as we need to check contents to comply with regulations.
  5. Drop it off at DesignWorks Photography before November 11th!


Christmas Shoebox Appeal labels

Ideal items to put in your shoebox include the 4Ws:

  • Write: Items for school, pens pencils, paper, colouring book, copy books, solar powered calculator etc.
  • Wash: Hygiene items, toothbrush and toothpaste, facecloth, soap (wrapped please), hairbrush, comb.
  • Wear: Small clothing items, Hat, scarf, gloves, socks, underwear, flip-flops.
  • Wow!: A treat, toys, sunglasses, game, sweets (must be in date to March 2017), make up, small musical instruments, doll or cuddly toy, toy car, skipping rope, yo-yo, finger puppets. Try to avoid items that need batteries.

Out of respect for the children please only include items that are new or good as new.

Please DO NOT put in:

Food (except sweets), anything easily breakable, chocolate, any liquids (they spill or freeze), medicines, scary things (like Halloween stuff or skull and crossbones), war related items, books with words (They may not read English), sharp items, large clothing items.

Remember to drop your shoebox into us before November 11th! We have labels and envelopes to help you complete your box! Call us on 018021100 with any questions.

See the Team Hope website for more information: Click Here.



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