Beauty and Boudoir Portraits – part 2

Posted on February 18, 2015 by DesignWorks Photography under Beauty, Boudoir, Portraits

Seeing beauty

A little while ago we asked the women of Skerries a question. ‘Can we photograph you and create beauty and boudoir portraits of you for all the world to see?’ And boy did the women of Skerries answer us with a resounding YES!

We were inundated, overwhelmed and moved by the response. Ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes started getting in touch with us. Ladies who look at magazines and the TV every day and see beautiful women with perfect hair and makeup, lit beautifully and looking like something from a different world. The ladies who contacted us wondered if we could do that; if we could make them look like ‘them’; the beautiful people. Some of the brave ladies who contacted us were so nervous they couldn’t tell us why they were calling. We received emails that consisted of one line asking if they were good enough to be considered. They all had different reasons for getting in touch. Some had seen marriages break down, some had survived serious health issues, others had just spent their lives taking care of others and wanted to see if they could still find a bit of the girl they used to be still hidden in there. The women who we spoke to all had something in common though: they were strong, beautiful, fierce women who embodied everything we know women to be: creators, fighters, survivors.

We sat crying with them, getting to know them and discovering that no matter who a woman becomes in her life, we all crave a little glamour from time to time.

We knew we could capture the beauty of every one of them and to be honest, we really wanted to. But we needed to choose just a few and the fairest way seemed to be to pick the first who contacted us! These four women bravely put themselves in our hands and – with our fabulous hair and makeup artist Gemma – let us transform them into the most gorgeous version of themselves they’ve ever seen. They still looked like them, just with all their best bits magnified. We admit, we cried with them as they saw themselves transformed.

before and after portraits


beauty boudoir portraits dublin

makeover before and after

makeover boudoir portraits

beauty and boudoir portraits

makeover beauty before and afterbeauty makeover portraits Dublin

Beauty makeover portraits Dublin

beauty makeover portraits Dublin

beauty boudoir makeover before and afterboudoir portraits Dublin

beauty boudoir makeover portraits Dublin

beauty boudoir portraits Dublin

One of the ladies described her experience as ‘a wonderful celebration of womanhood’ and we were thrilled as we knew we had done our job! We’ll forever be changed by our experiences with these gorgeous women as we know that what we are doing has meaning; they trusted us with the task of finding their beauty again. While we LOVE these images, we know a little secret: it was never lost. So here’s to the beautiful people: the gorgeous women of Skerries who stepped in front of Brew’s camera. We salute you, adore you and wish we were as awesome as you!

Photography by the uber talented Brew Carroll at DesignWorks Photography

Hair and Makeup by the divine Gemma Clarke , The Makeup Diva

8 thoughts on “Beauty and Boudoir Portraits – part 2”

  1. Mary Yeomans. says:

    Geraldine Collins you look fantastic .Some transformation.xx

  2. Anonymous says:

    Geardine collins wow wow

    1. Doesn’t she look fab?! xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know all these ladies to see, what amazing transformations, all look Fabulous

    1. Thanks – I’m glad you like them


  4. Martine O'Brien says:

    Greetings All.
    I am one of the Fabulous Four above
    and I am truly delighted and proud of us ladies as we celebrate our glorious womanhood. The feel good comments from family and friends as a result have been lovely, thank you. People love positive, success stories such as these, and it’s even better when it’s connected with someone you know.

    This is a liberating celebratory concept, an amazing experience, life affirming and fun.
    The care and attention given during the entire experience can’t be easily expressed, but I shall try.

    It is emotional and overwhelming to see oneself looking so pretty and at ease, especially when one has lived and loved and produced and played games with gravity!
    The combination of hair and make up expertise, Bronagh and Brew’s eyes, technical tricksyness and good humour put me at ease and this shows in the photos.
    The team have cumulatively given me a gift I couldn’t manage alone and is highly recommended. It’s up there with the wonder of giving birth, passing the driving test, the joy of marrying someone you love, the pleasure of human connection…., if you know what I mean!

    I can see my inner beauty in these photographs. To be honest I haven’t looked this confident, this happy and healthy in a long time!
    I now know how to hold my head for the camera! Jaw lines are crispier as a result!

    You couldn’t receive/give yourself a better gift – a long lasting record of your inner spark and glowing personality.

    And you’ve only seen a flavour of the type of photos which can be created. The others which are not on display here are sensational also. For me they’re a more personal glimpse of another aspect of our Goddess nature. I’m all for capturing the vim and vroomry juicy sensual wisdom we gain as we journey through life, along with battle scars, victory smiles and fierce softness.

    Please consider this package. You will be delighted you did. Do it for you. This is a really special experience. We all need attention and affirmation and what better way than with a group of people who know what they’re doing and whose sole mission is to celebrate you.

    Thank you again to the Magic Makers and the Notice Takers.

    Wishing you the life your soul yearns for you to live.

    Best wishes,


    1. I love it! Thanks Martine! We Goddesses have to shine sometimes! xx

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